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Water Jet &
Laser Cutting


Cutting Solutions

A cut above the rest.

Electro-Metrics is committed to using and leveraging the newest water jet and laser jet technology to provide the best products on the market for our customers.

Our laser jet and multiple water jet cutting machines produce rapid throughput puts for quick response to customer needs. Our ISO 19001-certified quality program ensures that parts are produced to the highest industry standards, made exactly to your specification and delivered on time.

Laser Jet vs. Water Jet

What’s the Difference?

Water Jet Process

Erosion process using a mixture of high-pressure water and garnet (sand).

Laser Jet Process

Uses a fiber laser to direct an intense and focus beam to cut materials.

Benefits of Using a Water or Laser Jet

Due to the unmatchable benefits they provide, water and laser jet cutting are two of the most prominent cutting technologies used in the fabrication industry.


The machines can handle a wide range of metals from steel to stainless steel to aluminum, bronze or copper. They are also highly tailorable, so they can easily produce customized parts.


You’ll get the highest-quality workmanship because of our superior equipment and advanced software.

& Precision

Both processes provide exceptionally high accuracy and precision in many applications.


Both cutting solutions produce little waste and often generate reusable and recyclable scraps.

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