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Faster Assembly Times


Our kitting services lead to faster assembly times, improved inventory control and overall better efficiency of repair and/or installation projects.

Electro-Metrics Corporation provides fully organized, self-contained kits which are meticulously internally prepared, packaged and labelled by our Quality Control and Shipping Departments. By following the precise parts listing of the PDDR or Parts Definition Data Report, we provide the required quantities of components in easy to recognize, clearly labeled packaging, which takes the guess-work out of the process.

Benefits of Kitting

The Benefits of Kitting with Electro-Metrics

Kitting parts can help businesses improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase productivity, and better manage their inventory.

Inventory Control

By assembling parts into kits, it’s easier to see exactly what parts are being used.

Detailed Packaging

Detailed packaging makes it easier to identify parts, reducing errors in the assembly process.

Job Costing

Improve job costing by providing a more accurate and consistent way to track the exact cost of the materials used for that job.

Ease of

Order a set number of kits that contain all the necessary parts, streamline the ordering process, and reduce the likelihood of errors or omissions in the order.

Tailored to
Your Needs

Kits are easily tailored to your needs and we provide you with exactly what you need, without having to send the parts separately.

Shipping Protection

Each group of parts is painstakingly protected, handled and shipped.