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Antenna, Omni-Directional Wideband

EM-6865 | 2 GHz – 18 GHz

The EM-6865 Omni-Directional Wideband Antenna is capable of operating as either a transmitting or receiving antenna over the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range.

The EM-6865 consists of two-brass conical elements connected point-topoint to form a hourglass shaped antenna element. The center conductor of a rigid coaxial cable is connected to the upper cone, while the shield is connected to the lower cone. The cable connects to a Type “N” (female) connector fastened to a phenolic base plate.

A 25.4 cm (10”) support rod provides a means for mounting the antenna to any tripod with a 1/4-20 mount.

The length of the support rod allows a microwave amplifier to be connected directly to the output connector of the antenna, reducing the potential signal loss compared to an amplifier connected at another point in the signal path.



Frequency Range: 2 GHz – 18 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
Output Impedance: 50 Ohms, nominal
VSWR, average: < 2:1 Gain: 0 dBi, typical
Connector: Type N, female
Continuous Power: 5 W


Diameter: 10.16 cm (4″)
Length, Support Rod: 25.4 cm (10″)
Height, Shield Tube: 7.62 cm (3”)
Overall Height: 33.0 cm (13”)
(Antenna & Support Rod)
Weight: .45 kg (1 lb.)
Mounting: Standard ¼ – 20 Thread