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Antenna, Omni-Directional Wideband

EM-6860 | 60 MHz – 1GHz

The EM-6860 Omni Wideband Antenna is a vertically polarized broadband antenna designed to operate from 60 MHz to 1 GHz and is intended for Spectrum monitoring. The antenna utilizes a passive filter plus an amplifier circuit for increased gain over the entire bandwidth.

The antenna amplifier has a minimum gain of 9.5 dB and uses a coaxial transfer switch to connect power to the amplifier. The switch also switches the signal either through the RF amplifier or, when the input power is removed, the normally closed contacts on the switch connect the signal directly to the output connector. The “fail safe” feature allows the antenna circuitry to provide passive reception in a power off condition. An eleven-element high pass filter (cutoff frequency = 60 MHz) yields 60 dB rejection at 40 MHz.

The EM-6860 is constructed of precision machine aluminum with a G-10 fiberglass cylindrical housing.



Frequency Range: 60 MHz – 1 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Operating Modes: Passive Active
Fail Safe Mode: Passive
Gain (minimum): 9.5 dBi Active
Consumption: 25 W @ 115 VAC, 60 Hz
Passive Dipole Gain:
60 MHz: -40 dBi (minimum)
100 MHz: -17 dBi (minimum)
1000 MHz: 0 dBi (minimum)

High Pass Filter: 11 elements
Cutoff Frequency: 60 MHz
Rejection @ 40 MHz: 40 dB (minimum)
Connector: Type N
Power Connector: MS3102E-10SL-3P


Diameter: 20.7 cm (8.15″)
Height: 69.85 cm (27.5″)
Weight: 5.44 kg (12 lbs.)