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Antenna, Loop

EM-6874 | 20 Hz – 30 MHz

The EM-6874 Loop antenna is nominally used 20 Hz to 30 MHz and is designed for uncalibrated substitution measurements of shielding effectiveness as described by MILSTD-285, IEEE STD 299, and NSA-65-6.

The antenna has a radiating element consisting of a single turn loop 0.3 meter in diameter, making the antenna capable of operating at very high loop currents without damage. In addition, a Type N connector is used which also permits high input levels to be applied to the antenna.

Although uncalibrated, the field strength generated is approximately 2.7 mA/meter/ Ampere. The antenna impedance may be approximated by series combination of a 600 nH and a resistance less than 1 ohm. Its signal handling capability is on the order of 1 kV peak and 40 Amperes RMS.

CAUTION: Since this antenna does not provide a 50 ohm load to the instrument driving it, some amplifiers or generators may be damaged if they are not capable of driving a 600 nH load.



Frequency Range (nominal): 20 Hz – 30 MHz, uncalibrated
Impedance: Approximated by 600 nH in series with <1 ohm
Connector: Type N


Loop Diameter: 321 mm (12.7”)
Base Dimensions:
Length: 102 mm (4”)
Width: 76 mm (3”)
Height: 38 mm (1.5”)
Weight: 230 g (0.5 lbs.)