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Antenna, Loop

EM-6871 | 30 Hz – 1 MHz

The EM-6871 Antenna can be used with any 50 ohm /Receiver/Field Strength Meter to obtain magnetic field measurements from 30 Hz to 1 MHz.

The EM-6871 Loop Antenna has a balanced faraday shield that reduces it’s response to electric fields to an insignificantly small amount, which results in practically pure magnetic field measurements.


The EM-6871 Antenna is particularly well suited for use in meeting Federal Standards because they are designed for maximum sensitivity to the magnetic field in its respective frequency ranges. Also, this loop antenna is suited for use in compliance testing to RE01 and RE101 of MIL-STD-461, RE04 of MIL-STD-461A, FCC/VDE/CISPR mandates plus other government standards.



Frequency Range: 30Hz – 1 MHz
Impedance: Calibrated for use into 50 Ohms
Output Connector: Type BNC
(shielded from electric fields)


Outside Diameter: 533 mm (21″)
Height: 610 mm (24″)
Weight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs.)