Antenna Kit | EM-6006 | 5kHz – 43.5GHz

The EM-6006 rugged antenna kit provides all the antennas and accessories needed to cover the entire frequency spectrum from 5kHz to 43.5GHz. The EM-6006 kit remains compact and lightweight while providing the performance and durability required. All antennas and the kit as a whole have passed or are currently undergoing MIL-STD-810H testing.


Kit Frequency Range: 5kHz – 43.5GHz

Impedance: 50Ω, Nominal


Dimensions: W x L x H: 31.2” x 20.4” x 12.2”

Weight: 53.8 lbs.

Kit Contents

EM-6841 Omni-Directional Antenna
EM-6964 Hand-Held Log Periodic Antenna
EM-6902 Magnetic Field Antenna
EM-6906 Magnetic Field Antenna
EM-6844 Long Wire Antenna
EM-6134 Tripod
EM-1317 (10ft) 2.92mm Coax Cable (QTY 2)
EM-1321 (10ft) N-Type Coax Cable (QTY 3)
XF-N200 Tripod Adapter

Data Sheet

EM-6006 Datasheet