Antenna Kit | EM-6005 | 1kHz – 43.5GHz

The EM-6005 Antenna Kit provides all the antennas and accessories needed to cover the entire frequency spectrum from 1kHz to 43.5GHz while remaining compact and lightweight compared to other similar antenna kits. The fit features the EM-6856 (20MHz43.5GHz) omni-directional antenna, the EM6904-1(1kHz-200MHz) omni-directional antenna, and the EM-6945 (250MHz-25GHz) Hand-Held directional Log Periodic antenna.


Kit Frequency Range: 1kHz – 43.5GHz

Impedance: 50Ω, Nominal


Dimensions: W x L x H: 24” x 19.5” x 14”

Weight: 30.9 lbs.

Kit Contents

EM-6856 Omni-Directional Antenna
EM-6945 Hand-Held Log Periodic Antenna
EM-6904-1 Whip Antenna
EM-6133 Tripod
EM-1317 (10ft) 2.92mm Coax Cable (QTY 2)
EM-7524 2.92mm(f) to Type N(m) Adapter
EM-7451 BNC(f) to BNC(m) RT Angle Adapter

Data Sheet

EM-6005 Datasheet