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Antenna, Active Vertical

EM-6892 | 1 kHz – 50 MHz

Electro-Metrics’ EM-6892 41” Active Vertical Antenna includes an amplifier that results in high sensitivity to the electric field in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 50 MHz.

The EM-6892 can easily be used with any 50-ohm receiving instrument requiring improved sensitivity. Its battery operation, which eliminates a control cable, adds to its simplified operation. The sealed lead-acid battery included is rechargeable overnight from both 110v and 220v 50/60 Hz power systems.

The EM-6892 provides 12 to 14dB improved sensitivity over the EM-6894 Passive Vertical Antenna in the range of 10 kHz to 10 MHz and 3 to 5 dB improved sensitivity or better up to 30 MHz.

Particularly helpful for automated testing is its flat antenna factor of +14 dB from 10 kHz to 20 MHz.



Frequency Range (calibrated): 1 kHz-50 MHz
Dynamic Range: Typically 120 dB
1 µV/m to 1 V/m
3 dB Bandwidth: 9 kHz – 20 MHz
Impedance: Designed to drive a 50-ohm load
Saturation Level: Typically 126dB (µV/m) CW, 105 dB (µ V/m/MHz) Broadband
Sensitivity: From –13 dB (µV/m/Hz) at 10 kHz to –40 dB (µV/m/ Hz) at 30 MHz, typical normalized to 1 Hz bandwidth
Connector: Type TNC


Base Dimensions:
Length: 236 mm (9.3″)
Width: 186 mm (7.3″)
Height: 99 mm (3.9″)
Length Antenna Rod:
Standard: 1.04 m (41″)
Optional: 2.1 m (82″)
Weight: 3.0 kg (6.5 lbs.)